Managing People for High Performance: Soft Skills for Hard Results

This is a one day program that has been delivered to hundreds of managers, and receives great feedback from participants.

Very few managers have had training in people management and people motivation skills. A lot of managers have been promoted to management positions as a reward for being conscientious, or for their long years of hard work. Often these managers have received very little training in the area of people management. And many of the managers who have received training in business or management haven’t been trained in the area of people management. That’s because most university courses and management training programs don’t focus enough, if at all, on developing these skills.

In order to develop excellent skills in managing people, managers need to provide employees with direction and feedback, in the right way and of the right type. That’s a big part of what the Soft Skills for Hard Results training program is all about.

This program applies the findings from behavioural science and from years of management practice that has shown what works in managing people to achieve high performance. The knowledge and skill that managers will learn are similar to what sports psychologists use to achieve high performance with sports teams. This knowledge can also be applied to your own life and to assisting your family and friends to achieve more.

While this program draws on a large amount of research findings from the behavioural sciences, it is not about bombarding people with theory. This program is about teaching managers skills that have been tried and tested and shown to work in practice.

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9.00am to 4.30pm

Fully catered: with coffee and tea on arrival, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea provided.

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Topics Covered Include:

  • Your invisible business – what is it and how do you build it?
  • Training, Learning, and Knowledge – how we develop management skills – and how we can continue practicing and developing our people management skills.
  • Providing employees with direction – which largely draws on the power of goal setting, and you’ll learn how you can apply this in your day to day conversations at work.
  • Providing feedback – which covers what types of feedback work best in different circumstances, to drive performance.
  • Unlocking employee potential – this covers some powerful research findings that show that how we interact with our employees can have a profound impact on how they perform.

The format is interactive, with a lot of discussion throughout the day. Participants are challenged and encouraged to think about the effectiveness of their own management styles.

What you will get from attending this program.

This program will equip you with the knowledge you need to take your people management skills to a high level. You’ll learn all about the skills involved in motivating and mobilising a team of people to perform at a higher level, to introduce changes, follow new systems of work, be more attentive, to strive for excellence. And you’ll learn about the psychology concepts that will help you achieve this.

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