Management Training

Why is training important?

Advances in knowledge and technology mean that organisations have to continually adapt in order to survive. And adapting is not easy. Even organisations with the most distinguished performance records appear to have great difficulty adapting to change.  In fact, one study showed that two-thirds of the original Fortune 500 companies in the United States had either vanished or could no longer make the list 40 years later, because they were unable to adapt. One way that organisations can adapt is to ensure that they invest in good quality training.

Training is one of those things that is easy to neglect because the benefits are not always immediate or obvious, and, of course, there is a lot of poor quality training around, which isn’t worth investing in.

The value of a training needs analysis and training plan

A training needs analysis can help identify the current and future skill needs of your business, and the skill gaps. This information can then be used to develop a training plan. Girardi Human Resource Services can help you develop a training needs analysis and training plan for your organisation.

Soft Skills for Hard Results training program

Managing employee performance, particularly dealing with poor performance, is one of the most difficult things that managers have to do. To do it well, managers need to develop a complex set of skills, which include:

  • being able to provide honest, sometimes negative, feedback in a tactful way;
  • using communication skills to clearly communicate expectations; and
  • developing experience in the discipline process, including informal counselling, and being able to manage a more formal discipline process, such as issuing warnings.

Girardi Human Resource Services has developed a Performance Management training program which draws on many years of experience and behavioural science research.

Learn more about our Soft Skills for Hard Results training program

Bullying prevention training

Workplace Bullying is a major issue in many workplaces today. Recent changes to legislation in Victoria, which resulted from community outrage following the Brodie Panlock case, have resulted in Workplace Bullying now being classified as a crime. It is important that organisations have good policies to raise awareness of, and to prevent, bullying in the workplace. But policies aren’t enough, organisations should conduct regular training in this area, and maintain good records of training attendance. These records can be used to support discipline and dismissal action taken by employers against employees who breach policies. Girardi Human Resource Services has extensive experience with providing bullying awareness training.

Management Coaching

Management Coaching is a great supplement to management training programs. Where training programs are generally delivered to a group, with set training objectives and training materials, coaching provides a developmental opportunity that is tailored to the needs of an individual. For example, management coaching can provide managers with the opportunity to develop personal goals, an opportunity to debrief on difficult issues, and a forum to develop and practice skills, such as dealing with poor performers. Girardi HR Services draws on behavioural science and positive psychology to provide managers with a coaching relationship that allows them to direct their own learning and development. Coaching can assist managers to become better at:

  • setting goals and time management;
  • understanding their own strengths and weaknesses;
  • understanding their personality and the personality of others;
  • managing emotions; and
  • dealing with difficult people issues.