Management Coaching

Management Coaching is a great supplement to our management training programs. Where training programs are generally delivered to a group, coaching provides a developmental opportunity that can be tailored to the needs of an individual.  For example, management coaching can provide managers with the opportunity to develop personal goals, an opportunity to debrief on difficult issues, and a forum to develop and practice skills, such as dealing with poor performers. Girardi HR Services draws on behavioural science and positive psychology to provide managers with a coaching relationship that allows them to unlock their own potential as managers.


Managing people for high performance – our focused coaching program
This coaching program focuses on teaching managers the skills they need to get the best out of the people that work for them.

In order to develop excellent skills in managing people, managers need to understand what drives performance improvement. What are the things we can say and do as managers that result in increases in motivation levels, morale, productivity, and profits? That’s the focus of this coaching program.


The format of this program is 4 sessions of 90 minutes each, generally delivered one-on-one, although some clients choose to have more than one manager attend the coaching sessions.

The areas we focus on in this program are:

  • Training, Learning, and Knowledge – how we develop management skills – and how we can continue practicing and developing our people management skills.
  • Providing employees with direction – which largely draws on the power of goal setting, and how you can apply this in your day to day conversations.
  • Providing feedback – which covers what types of feedback work best in different circumstances, to drive performance.
  • Unlocking employee potential – this covers some powerful research findings that show that how we interact with our employees can have a profound impact on how they perform.


Do you want to be a better people manager than 99% of current managers?
There are some key people management skills that aren’t that difficult to learn. We know what they are based on what Behavioural Science tells us about what works when it comes to motivating people and helping them to achieve higher levels of performance. Learn these skills and practise them, which you can do through this coaching program, and you can set yourself apart from the majority of managers. You then become more valuable as a manager, because you will have the skills you need to improve the performance of any work team you are responsible for leading.


The benefits of taking part in a management coaching program, focused on developing People Management Skills are:

  • it provides you with the opportunity to develop the skills you need to motivate people to achieve higher levels of performance;
  • you’ll know when to use positive feedback and when to use negative feedback to drive performance;
  • you’ll understand the circumstances where negative feedback kills off performance and why;
  • you’ll know how to provide direction, what to say and when, to drive improvements in performance;
  • you’ll understand how to communicate to encourage people to strive harder and to just feel better about themselves when they come to work;
  • you’ll understand how your perceptions of people can have a limiting effect on them, and what to do about it;
  • you’ll have the opportunity to be exposed to concepts that have been shown to be associated with high performance and motivation, drawing from psychology and from 20+ years of experience; and
  • you‘ll stop thinking or saying, “Seriously, how many times do I have to tell these people?”


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