Performance Management

Managing poor performers

Managing employees that are poor performers is something that managers tend to avoid. It’s not surprising, given the fear many managers have of being accused of bullying, or of facing the expense of defending an unfair dismissal claim. It seems easier to ignore the poor performers, but that can’t be good for the organisation or for the individuals who are regarded as poor performers. Poor performers can reduce an organisation’s productivity and profitability and if you have too many of them, they can lead to the downfall of an organisation. It’s important to obtain good advice on how to do this. Girardi HR Services can guide managers through this process, by coaching managers on how to have those difficult conversations with a problem employee, by drafting all the necessary documentation, and by ensuring that a fair process is followed.

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Performance reviews

Performance reviews are a great tool for managing employee performance. While informal, day-to-day feedback is  critical, a formal performance review provides managers with the opportunity to reflect on employee performance, and to then provide written, structured feedback on each employee’s performance. It gives the manager an opportunity to comment on what the employee has done well, areas they need to improve, and to provide the employee with direction, so they are clear about where to direct their efforts. It also provides the opportunity to assess the need for any further training that the employee may require in order to do a better job. Girardi HR services can help set up a performance management system that’s tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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Managing employees for high performance

The ability to manage people well, to get the best out of them, is one of the most valuable skills a manager can possess. Very few managers have had training in the area of people management. A lot of managers have been promoted to management positions as a reward for being conscientious, or for their long years of hard work. Often these managers have received very little training in the area of people management. That’s because most university courses and management training programs don’t focus enough, if at all, on developing these skills. By drawing on many years of management development experience and behavioural science research, Girardi HR Services can assist your managers to develop the skills that have been shown to drive high performance in organisations.  This can be delivered either through a structured training program, or through management coaching.

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