Employment contracts

Employment contracts – taking a personal approach

In most cases, being offered a job or achieving a promotion is a really positive thing and it’s quite a personal thing. We’ve always believed that the contract of employment should reflect this. Unfortunately, a lot of employment contracts have the look and feel of the types of impersonal contracts used when buying a product, like a car.

At Girardi HR we know it’s exciting to bring a new employee into your team, and we want to ensure your contracts convey a welcoming and personal approach that makes your prospective employee feel good when they receive the offer. We do things a little differently. Our employment welcome packs include 3 separate documents – a welcoming letter of offer, a conditions of employment document, and a position description.

Why do I need employment contracts?

Put simply, employment contracts create clarity. They make conditions and entitlements clear for both parties and they help prevent miscommunication and other problems from arising down the track. It’s not hard to put employment contracts in place and it’s not expensive. They can save you a lot of time and money in the long-term.

When looking at your individual needs and circumstances we will assess:

  1. which Award applies to your employees;
  2. how to classify your employees correctly according to Award classifications;
  3. which classification level and pay rate applies, based on the employee’s skills and experience;
  4. will they be considered permanent, temporary, or casual;
  5. if they are casual, when are you required to make an offer to convert an employee to permanent;
  6. an outline of the “ordinary hours”, an important term in employment law;
  7. when penalty rates apply; and
  8. leave entitlements and leave loadings (where applicable).

How do I get all of this right?

It doesn’t take much to get all of this right when you do it everyday. But if Human Resources (HR) and Fair Work issues are not your area of expertise, how can you possibly keep on top of your current obligations, let alone the annual changes that occur? Outsourced HR support can save you a lot of time and money.

We can tailor our services to suit you.

One option is to purchase a package of contract templates and obtain confidential advice on pay rates and Modern Awards for your employees. This pack contains templates for:

  1. a welcoming letter of offer
  2. a conditions of employment document; and
  3. a position description.

That’s peace of mind and insurance against the myriad of HR problems a business can encounter.

Another option is for ongoing HR support.

To book a no obligation consultation, phone 0421 085 546 or email us for a quote at info@girardi.com.au

Additional information

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