John Girardi, Author at Girardi Human Resource Services
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Author: John Girardi

A Federal Court decision on Wednesday 20 May is causing a lot of concern amongst employers. The decision involved the same employer (WorkPac) that had a previous decision on Casual employment go against it in 2018. Both these cases are central to casual employment and employer...

With the increased focus on underpayment of wages and with the July 1 pay increases, it’s important that employers know: 1. Which Award applies to their employees; 2. How to classify their employees correctly; 3. What pay rate applies to their employees; and 4. When...

What’s the difference between casual employment and permanent employment? What obligations do casual employees have to their employers? And what rights do casual employees have that employers should be aware of? There seems to be a lot of confusion about casual employment.  A recent court case...

Managing a team of people can be a challenging thing and it takes skill to do it well. How many managers are good at this? I don’t believe there are many, unfortunately.

I think there are lots of managers that can come into a new workplace and maintain what’s there. They don’t really do much damage to people and they don’t really develop people;

Having seen some of the common roster problems that occur in pharmacy, I've developed these tips to assist pharmacy owners and managers with rostering. Firstly, it’s important to understand the meaning of Ordinary Hours, particularly in relation to permanent part-time employment as these contracted hours have ramifications for rostering.

We all know that a business needs sales to survive, with profits exceeding expenses over the long term. We look at financial statements to make sense of where we are at with a business and of course that’s important. Financial statements tell us about the success or failure of the sum of all our efforts. But not everything that is contributing to the success (or failure) of a business can be worked out by looking at financial statements.